what states are considered the deep south
It's the birthplace of Robert E. Lee and home to Richmond, the Confederate's longest-running capital. Eight states collected more than 90 percent of voters, while four states got 70 to 80 percent. They just got even stricter. 'south-analysis__graphic-map', The Panhandle and North Florida are. Virginia, too, got 73 percent of reader votes. He’s going to keep campaigning instead. Stinnette died from his wounds and Williams is recovering in the hospital. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/Deep+South. Breitbart’s definition of deep state encompasses not just an identity but any behavior that can be considered “anti-Trump,” especially leaks, and includes the mainstream media and other factions of the federal government, such as EPA employees who have refused to comply with Trump’s orders. Maybe newcomers are changing the fabric of Southern identity by bringing in their own culture and histories. InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones aired multiple segments linking the deep state to everything from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s resignation to Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer. The “deep state” is the worst kept secret government operation in Washington. Is the so-called 'deep state' a real threat to President Trump? “There is no Deep State,” he wrote to the Daily Dot in a Facebook message. But at the top of these organizations, you have people that are heavily politicized. (CC-BY-SA) Jason Royce Lindsey, the author of The Concealment of the State, told the Daily Dot via email that study of deep state terminology has its roots in authoritarian regimes like Egypt and Turkey, where the military-security component is strong. The Deep South is Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee, but not the mountainous part of it. } else { The majority of readers disagreed with me. Deep South synonyms, Deep South pronunciation, Deep South translation, English dictionary definition of Deep South. s.type = 'text/javascript'; After Arkansas, there was a large drop of 4,842 votes to Florida. new pym.Parent( He’s likened intelligence officials to Nazis and dismissed the FBI investigation into his campaign’s Russian ties as a “witch hunt.” The president’s stormy relationship with the intelligence community came to a boiling point after the firing of FBI Director James Comey. David B. Gleason/Flickr A region of the southeast United States, usually comprising the states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. A region of the southeast United States, usually comprising the states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. The term “deep state” has been used to refer to deliberate leaks designed to undermine the president, but also to the willing collusion of elements of the mainstream media, the latent distrust and suspected opposition of elements of the intelligence services, but also the willing resistance of certain career civil servants in the agencies charged with carrying President Trump’s directions to fruition. And I would say if you’re saying, ‘Where is the deep state?’ or ‘Where is the establishment?” in the intelligence community, it’s these guys at the top. These areas have experienced a large influx of outsiders, from federal employees to retirees to immigrants. So they best represent the "backwards, non-progressive Deep South" stereotype. Dec 5, 2017, 11:00 am* Tech . Conspiracy theorists think Biden saying ‘dark winter’ proves a false-flag is imminent, Resurfaced Halloween pictures show Laura Loomer’s Islamophobic costume, Rising GOP star made website criticizing someone for working with ‘non-white’ people, Wall Street Journal fact-checks its own opinion page over Hunter Biden, considering a global network of private spies, “Jack Welch urges Trump to go to war against the Deep State.”. “When I wrote the Deep State I began to realize from all these interpretations that when you create a concept and send it out into the world it’s like sending a virus out,” Lofgren at a panel before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in June. But leaks involving the Trump White House seem to be coming from everywhere these days: Congress, former and current intelligence and national security officials, and even Trump’s own advisers. The Sooner State fared worse in our previous region survey, in which 82 percent of voters said it wasn't part of the Midwest. One Breitbart headline from May trumpeted, “Jack Welch urges Trump to go to war against the Deep State.” It was an overly generous interpretation of comments made by the former CEO of General Electric in a CNBC interview, in which Welch criticized Trump’s management of the bureaucracy and firing of James Comey. A near-total ban on abortion has sparked protests across the country. Other experts dismiss the idea of a deep state altogether. So perhaps the extent to which a state is popularly considered Southern depends on how much it succeeds or fails at distancing itself from the legacy of black enslavement. Fox News host Sean Hannity grimly warned of an “unelected fourth branch of government” leaking secrets to the media in a massive effort to undermine the Trump presidency. } else { Which states count as the South, according to more than 40,000 readers. They all came in around 91 to 95 percent. Poland had some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe. And we found that 12 states made the cut. The South does not precisely coincide with the geographic south of the United States but is commonly defined as including the states that fought for the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War. Mississippi edged out Alabama as the most Southern state by just two votes. The numerous definitions of deep state and the concept’s enthusiastic embrace by pro-Trump conspiracy theorists make its serious discussion almost impossible. To me, Virginia is unimpeachably Southern. Poor Oklahoma, neither Midwestern nor Southern. “The narrative that someone inside government is to blame is a false one,” Lindsey wrote,“but an easier explanation than laying out the real political complexity of the United States at this time and explaining how the various parts of government have to reach some consensus for actual legislation to happen.”. The Bluegrass State, home to the finest bourbon and barbecue I've ever had, qualified to most readers as Southern, receiving 70 percent of the votes. (Placename) the SE part of the US, esp South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. My last pit stop before I hit the capital was a gas station in northern Virginia, where a Confederate flag hung over the cash register. Are Florida, Texas, and Virginia part of the South? 'south-analysis__graphic-chart', Evidently, though, they still retain enough Southernness to make the cut. I also include the Department of the Treasury because of its jurisdiction over financial flows, its enforcement of international sanctions and its organic symbiosis with Wall Street.”. The police shooting of Marcellis Stinnette and Tafara Williams, an unarmed Black couple, explained. about how the state managed to distance itself from the Confederacy by aligning with the West and creating a mythos of cowboys and ranches far away from the cotton fields of the Deep South. s = document.createElement('script'); The yellow outline shows which states garnered at least 50 percent of submissions. The Deep South lies entirely within the southeastern corner. But there's also a really interesting story in Texas Monthly about how the state managed to distance itself from the Confederacy by aligning with the West and creating a mythos of cowboys and ranches far away from the cotton fields of the Deep South. The “deep state” is the worst kept secret government operation in Washington. h.appendChild(s); var l = function() { You can use the map below to check out how likely voters were to pick a state based on other states they selected. Far from being a secret “conspiratorial cabal,” the real deep state, he argues, operates in broad daylight, in the form of thousands of government workers going about their daily duty, and has done so far before Trump ever stepped foot into office. So it's confusing to me why Virginia falls so low on the list — and led me to think more about why places like it and Texas are considered "less Southern.". Among the five slaveholding border states that didn't join the Confederacy during the Civil War — Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, and West Virginia (which split from Virginia during the war) — only Kentucky received enough votes to qualify as Southern. The European Parliament voted down a ban on food labels that compare plant-based products to their meat counterparts. Get our newsletter in your inbox twice a week. “They’re all Americans”: What Biden gets about the pandemic that Trump doesn’t, How pandemic fatigue and polarization led to Wisconsin’s massive Covid-19 outbreak, Trump’s closing message is lying about the coronavirus at rallies that spread infection, Amy Coney Barrett is now one step away from becoming a Supreme Court justice, Poll: Most Trump voters don’t see Covid-19 as an important election issue. “I think when we talk about the intelligence community, it’s important to analyze what that means,” Giraldi said in an interview with the Tom Woods Show podcast.“The intelligence community is basically 20,000 people like me who are essentially in a certain circumstance where they perform a job of a certain type, and they do their jobs. s.onload = l; Sign up for the The right’s main issue with the deep state is its alleged leaks to the media. the southeastern section of the U.S., usu. One could argue that if any American president had a reason to fear backlash from the top-secret factions of his government, it’s Trump. }; But let’s take a step back—what exactly is the deep state—and is it even real?