tales of the forgotten epilogue
The big man is coming, or big machine I should say. Other nights, like tonight, he’d spend mostly in solitude. He looked over his shoulder to see flashes of gunfire as a handful of humans poured into the chargebar. Maybe he’d been spending all of his time in the city ignoring what real danger actually waited out there for him. If the fight is noble, shouldn’t you disregard the detail of who’s handing you orders and accept them gladly?”, “Without assessing the face, I can never assess the true motivation behind the principles. He liked the ignorance that he lived in previously, perhaps such that he disregarded the city’s strife deliberately. It was like they’d been struck by awe of a celebrity. Only this time, Edward had no snappy greeting. He felt he could be useful in so many other ways, and do so many things other than fight for that invisible face that only saw him as a number – if it saw him at all. He was confused, and afraid. It was – a lot of times it was pointless. He’d been looking straight ahead for the last few minutes, not necessarily at anything; he was looking into space. It is quite a normal day.”. Ezra looked directly in front of him, Edward sitting in silence and fear, clutching the chef’s blade in his hand. He turned around to see a few buildings down the way one of his units was arguing with a civilian. “Sure, sure, time to confront it and everything, I see your point,” said Ezra, still feeling as though something was off, still feeling a sense of caution between them. *You choose what we sign: book, CD, posters, and/or musical score. “I mean, there’s really no way to tell. As it lodged deep into his shoulder, Ezra turned and wrenched the gun out of one guard’s hand, using the butt to neutralize the other one, and then the first. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. However, there were enough patches of machines throughout the city to have a community. He’d been in this situation before. He felt as though he’d entered into an alternate reality where he never left the fight. Each of you will report to your respective leaders, and I promise that if you are captured, or destroyed, or if you kill every one you see, unscathed, you will be contributing to The Cause. I knew there had to be other ways to serve the world – other ways with a name and face that I could believe in if I so chose.”, “Mm, interesting. © 2019 Tales of the Forgotten. Most machines at that point had a healthy respect and admiration for humans, but if their thoughts were led down the right path, they were capable of unfathomable torture without a shred of remorse. The Unit lifted his firearm, looking as though he about to activate it on the human. The acts of creation and serving; so much goes into food, you’d never guess. “Did everyone see what Ezra did?! It was a victory that hadn’t happened yet, but clearly to them, their fearless leader had foreseen the future. What for, he couldn’t tell, but everyone seemed to be periodically glancing in that direction. Edward’s words were going through one ear and out the other as Ezra watched this figure intently. Sometimes he’d even write his own stories, although he knew that nobody would ever read them. It had been dark for a couple of hours, so Ezra presumed most humans were either sleeping or about to be. In no instance had Felix given evidence of their true danger. “Because of the superiority they granted us, we will make happen what they should have known would happen. So far we have made great strides in maintaining the safety of our Units, and we will continue to do so.”. He didn’t have much time, but at this moment, his rebellion was anonymous to the crowd. Communication was captured through mumbles, but nobody seemed excited and energetic like he’d observed before. Immediate applause. He felt oddly compelled to confront the street again, hoping to regress to the feelings of safety and emptiness that he so enjoyed when he spent long durations out alone. A science fiction story you can read, listen to, and see! The desk was tightly organized, with tidy stacks of paper on each side of it. Ezra was not interested. Chargebars were gathering spaces that functioned much in the same way as bars or cafes for humans, and they were established in spaces that housed those kinds of establishments. What were they thinking? While machines had human-like consciousness with possibly shifting thought processes, their psychology could not be permanently altered as humans’ could. The situation continued to escalated; his unit started asking about the target they were searching for, he was evidently suspicious of the subject he was arguing with. Ezra chuckled at Edward’s frankness looking up, “So what’s new in your world, Edward?”, “The same old stuff, you know. He strolled through the streets to the designated alleyway, slipping through the door slowly. You will fight with us. “Of course, thank you sir.”. And in the back left corner was a small desk at which sat Felix. Tomorrow, in fact, there is an ‘official’ meeting. You have to accept, Ezra, that you are in danger whether or not you like it. He respected my views and my wishes, what more could you have told him to make him resist me?”, “We had to tell him things that I hope we don’t have to tell you.”, “We simply…coerced him. The figure pulled out what appeared to be a homemade explosive; a sudden detonation followed. And you choose to run – again. He didn’t like being manipulated into being one specific thing. The metallic frame was pure, midnight black, from head to toe, completely plain, without the numbers that were commonly seen on units around the city. Suddenly a squad leader rallied them, apparently all of these machines were together – Ezra had no idea. Though they lacked food and drink, the name “chargebar” was derived from the electrical currents that were “served” to machines via input wiring that delivered a sensation similar to that of human euphoria, simply known as “charges”, though nowadays there wasn’t much security in getting charged, as the looming feeling of danger was enough to talk any machine out of that decision. Despite their stellar performance in the field, the government was the ideological divide within machine ranks. The decision to embark on this walk could have been connected to his narrow slip earlier in the evening. There was always a small percentage of radicals within humanity; the machine collective conscious was no different. “I’ll bet you this is a one of a kind blade, my friend, it’s gotta be the sharpest chef’s blade I’ve ever seen, and who the hell knows how long it’s been since it was actually sharpened!”. I promise you will not fail.”. With lightning speed he approached each and every temple of flesh he could find, quickly extinguishing them with a quick jab to the back or slit of the throat. Edward chimed in, “He was the leader of a squad in the war-“ “Ed!” Ezra didn’t like this; he’d spent every day since his departure from the military trying not to be characterized as a fighting machine. In the event that their safety was compromised, there was at least security in the knowledge that he’d go down with others of his kind; and not without a formidable fight. “Well listen – “ said the leader, “We could really use you.”, “No, seriously, we need someone like you, someone that can take charge and stay poised in dire straits.”, “Ezra, we’re struggling out here. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. For Ezra, visits had gotten strange. He too had perched behind an overturned table for protection, but he was unarmed. × The Beginning By Tales of the Forgotten. He could not ward off the discomfort that he felt toward the radicalism being imposed upon him. This might not have been all of them, but he could only buy himself so much time in a situation of desperation.


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