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Orgirl1 “Although it’s time to move on and we won’t be playing together anymore, we remain friends and I’m excited for what’s to come for the both of us. 10:18 pm, I don’t like any horns in my country, no matter what. April 11, 2016 @ March 15, 2016 @ 7:25 pm, Fuzzy TwoShirts Can you point me in the direction of some example tunes? But Kevin almost always hung around and chatted. When you hear it again you know you missed it. Big Cat March 16, 2016 @ March 16, 2016 @ It just made me want to be home full time. Was good to see two players that have played my show backing Margo on SNL: Kevin Black, who played with Sturgill for my 2011 show, and Jamie Davis, former guitarist for Casey James Prestwood & the Burning Angels (GPI 2012). I’ll have to check them out because I love me some Price, Ray and Margo. Profile: Formerly the leader of Sunday Valley, an energetic roots outfit that made some waves in the early years of the new millennium, Sturgill Simpson gained greater renown as a solo artist, thanks in large part to his muscular 2013 solo debut High Top Mountain. Part of the way through his performance last night at record store Rough Trade in Brooklyn, Sturgill Simpson addressed any anxiety fans might be harboring about his new album. Come along for the ride! So far, I’m not a fan of “Brace for impact”, but I’ll wait to hear the whole album. It was absolutely the decision maker when I changed jobs. Will James For what it’s worth, I remember Kevin as the friendliest of the three when they played my show as Sunday Valley. I’d like to listen to it too. Will James I really don’t think Sturgill’s music is going to suffer with him gone or his absence will even be noticeable. Simpson’s band has frequently shown an affinity for groove at live performances in the last few years, and his voice, which comes at you like buckshot from the mouth of a shotgun, is naturally suited to the surges of sentiment that characterize Southern soul. March 16, 2016 @ Trainwreck92 Well placed horns, are the same. Simpson assumes a different role as a frontman when performing Sailor’s Guide. 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Saving Country Music has confirmed that guitarist Laur “Lil’ Joe” Joaments, who was nominated for the Americana Instrumentalist of the Year from his work with Sturgill Simpson in 2015, is still with the band at the moment. Kevin Black, Laur Joaments, Margo Price, Miles Miller, Sturgill Simpson, Trigger In any case, I think that whatever outfit Kevin ends up with just might end of with another meteoric rise, like Sturgill. I heard it from someone that sat in the recording session. Aside from finding a used copy, there is no way to purchase it legally. The news has caused some concern among Sturgill Simpson fans that the Kentucky native’s entire band might be blowing up ahead of his new record A Sailor’s Guide to Earth coming April 15th, and a subsequent tour scheduled to start in early May. Lol. Btw, where’d you all get your advance copies from? 10:30 pm. “Playing with Margo Price this last week has been everything but a step down,” Kevin says. It’s a bummer and I assume due to some legal kerfuffle is why you can’t find it. March 16, 2016 @ But now, he plays the much tougher part of the soul man, eye to eye with the audience and sometimes without a guitar as buffer. And Kevin is probably feeling some of that too. If I had my guess if would come down to payment shares, which in the course of musical gigging history, has been the #1 reason for such in bands as revenues increase. I like her. I had even commented on another post on about the Dap Kings and horns way before any press stuff about the album being released. Black replaced bass player Gerald Evans in 2011, and was playing with Simpson full time by the time the band made their first major West Coast tour in August. When I was a young reporter, I thought being a metro paper’s pro baseball beat writer was the be-all of journalism. 6:33 pm. I mean, jeez, you get to watch baseball games for a living and then write about it. March 16, 2016 @ WHAT??? Plainview Backed by powerful trio; Simpson and his band mates are redefining not only Country, but music in general. This shit is straight cracking me up. It’s a safe step, however: recording an album of vintage-sounding soul is a consistently popular move across genres, as benign as releasing a collection of jazz standards. The Dap Kings. Maybe at some point he will do an unplugged of this new record. The road is a grind on you regardless of professions. 1:40 pm. Your article mentioned a theremin! The Dap Kings were mentioned in the press stuff when “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” was being announced. It will still beat the radio. I think that connection with fans for Sturgill’s band will be missed. Huge Sturgill fan and have been before he hit the mainstream! Gillian 10:50 pm. Anyhow, I’m excited. Kevin was a favorite of many Sturgill Simpson fans, and was known for hanging out and talking to fans after shows. March 15, 2016 @ Sturgill Simpson Society. Her husband and bass player dislocated a tendon in his hand recently, resulting in the need of a replacement. Bigfoot is Real (let that soak in) Charlie Let’s face it, Sturgill has had a very heavy touring schedule over recent years and with Sturgill gearing up for another heavy road tour to promote the new album, maybe Black decided he wanted to be able to pick and choose his length of time on the road/gigs he took on (like filling in for Price’s husband) rather than committing to another long tour with Simpson. 1:06 pm, Bagpipe, is it? Andrew 5:10 pm. Ya I love Marshall Tucker Bands sound, and especially enjoy when Merle’s songs with horns used like “A Friend in California!” But yes it is important not to get too carried away we don’t know if there will be horns on this album. March 15, 2016 @ March 16, 2016 @ No word yet on who might be replacing Kevin Black at bass in Sturgill Simpson’s band. Especially with his sound as good, simple, and clean as it is. Maybe Amazon? Jim Bob 6:15 am, I was going to make a clever comment with an ‘Orange is the New Black’ twist, but I couldn’t find anything to rhyme with orange. I used to play trumpet, so the horn section suits me,too. Then again, one major difference between baseball beat writers and touring musicians: Writers never get groupies. March 16, 2016 @ It’s a fall down the metaphorical elevator shaft!! Marshall-tucker, ring of fire, Merle, all good examples. March 15, 2016 @ © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. 9:13 pm. March 15, 2016 @ Fuzzy TwoShirts At the time I thought “these guys have no idea how good they are.” After the fact, I think that’s just the way they are. I’m thinking the same thing happens for a lot of musicians. Black replaced bass player Gerald Evans in 2011, and was playing with Simpson full time by the time the band made their first major West Coast tour in August. The Original fan page for Sturgill Simpson. The guy isn’t gonna go ahead and bash/insult/discredit his new boss in his first week on the job, Liam Fitzgerald He still has his trusty Estonian guitarist, Laur Joamets, by his side, but he has now added a horn section: one trumpet, one trombone and one saxophone. March 20, 2016 @ Sign up for our newsletter. And there is going to be bagpipe on at least one song how cool is that. Good for her though, she deserves this. But the band has yet to commence rehearsals for the new tour, let alone finalize any lineup decisions. March 16, 2016 @ All the best to you, Stu.”. 1:03 pm. Craigslist? We need more goat”, Fuzzy TwoShirts He has always had a looser definition of country than those who commend him solely for his revivalist instincts. 1:41 pm. I was wondering how the new album would be. He is a nice guy, but damn he always looked like he was about to fall asleep or had some other place he needed to be. Bagpipes & theremin ? There is going to be a horn section on the record. Added it to the rest of my Sturgil music and you just cant beat Never Goin to Town at a 1000 decibels outta my Silvahrado is pure Murica!! Just a fan club made up to discuss & share the great music of Sturgill Simpson. 36K likes.


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