spa grand prix 2021

Dine at the hotel or one of the many fine restaurants in town.

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  • (B), Day 4: (4-nights package)Sunday: Breakfast and then off on our private transfer to Spa for the Grand Prix. Up until 2000, when the race track was still a public road, traveling to it was possible. Private coach return to our hotel in the late afternoon and then enjoy your evening at one of the many fine restaurants in Maastricht. Hanoi: 2021 Vietnam Grand Prix. Official Ticket Packages include grandstand seats, VIP hospitality inside the Champions Club plus unique benefits only available through F1 Experiences, such as F1 driver meet-and-greets and more!

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  • The Campsite SPA GP will provide you with all the necessary amenities to make your F1 weekend very comfortable: quality showers, toilets en reception tent, catering availability, parking, evening entertainment, a secure area, ... A management team will be at your disposal 24 hours a day!
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  • (Gold 2) directly at the bottom of the downhill run to Eau Rouge or (Gold 7) at the hairpin right after the start.

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  • This quaint Dutch city offers lots of opportunity to stroll the cobblestone streets in the pedestrian area with shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. During the 1973 and 1975 24 Hours of Spa touring car races, there were multiple fatalities that eventually lead to the old circuit’s demise. Jackie Stewart’s campaign to improve safety in the race track was set in action by his crash there in 1966, when his BRM tumbled upside-down in the cellar of a farmhouse situated on the outside of the corner, with fuel gushing out of the tank onto Stewart, who also suffered from broken ribs in the unfortunate mishap.

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  • The La Source hairpin was moved forward and the Bus Stop chicane was moved back towards Blanchimont, allowing for more space for the new pit lane. A total of 10 fatalities had been recorded at the track in the 1960s, including 5 more in the previous two years.

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    2021 Belgium Grand Prix Dates - August 27-30, 2021.

    The corner was previously tighter and narrower on the old circuit, but it was made wider when the circuit was updated in 1970. The chicane at Malmedy was removed and bypassed in 1930, making the course even faster, but the now slightly modified chicane was eventually reinstalled in 1935.

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  • This was a notoriously dangerous corner because it was located between two very long unbroken straights both about 2.4 kilometers long (1 ½ miles).
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  • The section known as the Bus Stop chicane was modified for 2004 with an additional sweep to the right.

    A total of 10 fatalities had been recorded at the track in the 1960s, including 5 more in the previous two years.

    You see the cars as they exit the hairpin at “La Source” and scream down the hill toward you to “Eau Rouge” (Gold 3) plus great view of Big Screen TV or opposite the Pits (Gold 1).

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  • As a licensed USA Tour Operator we have been providing travel packages and tickets to the Formula One Spa Belgium Belgian Grand Prix since 1982.

    It was in 1925 when the circuit was first used for Grand Prix racing.