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A city like Brampton, it's not a place where you'd even expect music like that. We still talk about those tours. Roy Woods talks new EP 'Dem Times,' Drake, and Mental Health. I’ve got to try to take Roy Woods seriously. When everything comes together on Dem Times, it sounds like ‘Neva Your Way.' A song like “2 Me” packs everything that made us fall in love with the Canadian’s dejected and emotionally ambient vocals, coupled with those lightly untroubled melodies. It's a whole party. Backed by dreamy production, Roy brings listeners on a late-night drive on “2 Me.” As the song unfolds, he opens up about his relationship issues and frustrations with an unreciprocated love. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.”. And I'm playing with different genres now. The shadowy opening track “2 Me” is textbook Roy Woods, its reverbed vocals and hazy production an exercise in anxious atmospherics. It's real cool like that. “Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. He's taught me a lot… It's always just been love. 11.8K 2. Roy Woods has lost the plot. I was literally just a sponge. I feel like a lot of people are taking the time to look at themselves, look at the people around them. Gliding over the hard-hitting bass, Roy makes it clear he’s one of a kind when it comes to money, hustling, women, and quite frankly, everything else. Because that album I got is right on the way. “You keep sayin’ that you’re mine, but you don’t feel mine to me.” Once on different pages, Roy Woods assures his partner that they are both on the same page on “I Feel It.” Putting his feelings of pain and solitude on wax, Woods tells his partner that their frustrations are one and that she should not push him away, but rather bring him closer so they can work it out. Mad respect is lost as he shameless jocks the high-pitch, trapper rapper patented flow that artists Lil Keed and Lil Gotit have become known for. Taking a moment to think about the city he left behind, Roy sings, “I left my city, feel like I just split ways / Said I won’t be back for a while, should’ve seen her face / What can I say? Availability: In stock. It has lots of unnecessary falsetto. And I love that about it. 1. I feel like you'd just think it would come straight from Toronto. The middle stretch of the EP ups the pace and hints at new territory; the lively “Cool J” and “Like Pascal” foray into quirky vocal territories that call to mind Young Thug and set up a contrast with … Verses are never fully realized and when “Can't walk around here past midnight, Lights stopped at the streetlights” comes from the emotional cut of the project it shows Woods’ pen has sprung a leak. Without those lyrics to set him apart Woods, devolves into a copycat. I'm like “Oh my God.” But it was so life changing. That's all we like to do. Make sure you typed in your email correctly. Show all albums by Roy Woods … Moving pictures + conversations. Say Less. Giving listeners more of the uptempo production than what was delivered on Say Less, Roy’s EP brings forth both good and questionable moments sonically. Because I'm over in Canada right now, so I'm just watching everything, right? Just two songs in, Roy Woods dusts the three-year-old dirt off his shoulder on “Neva Your Way.” The track brings listeners to hi-hat ecstasy as Roy dismisses the desires of a certain woman in his life who throws a fit about plans not going as expected. Maybe Woods is clearing out his wheelhouse and experimenting with flows, sounds, and cadences as he pushes the limits of his comfort zone. Woods has always thrived by bringing sounds towards him and his ear for productions complimented his dalliances. Instead, Dem Times serves as the segway between chapters, one filled with anticipation and energetic sounds that would have performed well in the summer that once was. © 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Dem Times Roy Woods. Instead, it’s very forgettable and not very pleasent. That can only mean one of two things — either Mr. Graham thinks he’s just found someone to carry the torch when he’s ready to pass it down, or he cynically knows that Woods has “that sound” that’s popping right now and wants to cash in. I feel like it's just a little glimpse of what else is to come. And it didn't matter what kind of household you came from, everybody could see it. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Dem Times - Roy Woods on AllMusic - 2020 $5.99. I love it about everybody on the label. “I been goin’ everywhere he can’t go / Cool J, n****, with the Kangol,” he raps throughout the song’s chorus. Women and where Woods has grown are often the centre of his music and yet they’re buried on the trail to following a new sound on Dem Times. What Does It Take To Reopen A Hotel During The Pandemic? It was preceded by two singles; "Gwan Big Up Urself" and "How I Feel". It sounds like everything you’ve heard, it expressed everything everybody else has said, and it offers nothing substantive nor transformative. … In the three (excruciatingly long) months since the widespread shutdown first started, we’ve seen major releases from The Weeknd, Jessie Reyez, and Drake—as well as a few more artists from his, We sat down with Woods (virtually) to talk about. On all the talent coming out of Brampton: We just like to make music. I've just been trying to soak it all up, seeing what I can do behind the scenes, and just learning. It's always just love from that guy. Instead, Dem Times recalls the palette used on his 2017 debut album Say Less and uses it to show the growth – both musically and personally – of the Brampton native. The album serves as a follow-up to his debut EP Exis. 2 Me Lyrics. On how he’s been handling these past few weeks: For me, it's all about understanding. “Thank you for tellin me I’ll never be shit” sings Woods on “What We Did.” Bruh, I’m not a hater. Qty: * Required Fields. But the cookie-cutter banger “Cool J” serves as the first major example of sonic appropriation that hampers the project. Putting all the basement imprisonment jokes to bed, OVO has by far proved to be one of the strongest collectives in 2020. Drake thought enough of the young man to sign him to his OVO imprint and release “Dem Times” through it. I certainly wouldn’t cite “Cool J” as a song showing lyrical prowess. Watching [Drake] perform. And I just want to see what else our city can do. Caribbean people, they don't believe in mental illnesses like that. From a vocal performance perspective, Woods comes off as he’s mimicking A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie mimicking Michael Jackson. 416.904.6889, He could have easily grabbed a feature from either one of them or other artists to solidify the creative intent. Released May 15, 2020. If Toronto’s music scene has slowed down at all as a result of COVID-19, you wouldn’t know it. That’s what “Dem Times” sounds like. Review: OVO's Roy Woods Bites NAV, Playboi Carti & More On Featureless 'Dem Times' EP. © Powered by Newscoop and Airtime. Everywhere else on Dem Times however, is where he falls apart. 3.0. As a human being, you need to show emotions and feelings; you can't hide it. You can go out to anybody, just have a conversation, go link up, whatever. ALBUM: Roy Woods – Dem Times ALBUM: Roy Woods – Dem Times Zip Download [Zippyshare + 320kbps] Roy Woods drops a new album titled Dem Times, and is right here for your free download. You may be shit, but to me this is shit and I don’t mean THE shit, I mean just plain ol’ fashioned cow excrement. Dem Times Tracklist. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Dem Times - Roy Woods on AllMusic - 2020 I literally just feel like I've just been watching. Watching Future and Migos perform. This album is so forgettable that I listened to it twice without realizing it. We don't feel like we're just labelmates. I picked up a slew of Wii U games for this one. A fan will enjoy this. If Toronto’s music scene … I can’t even leave LA,” proving home is always where the heart is. 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Roy Woods’ debut was a calculated blend of gritty croons over drowning 808s and energetic rhymes led by uptempo production. After ending nearly a two-year non-musical hiatus, melodramatic OVO vocalist Roy Woods satiated his fans’ appetite for new music in the form of an EP: Dem Times. I feel like everybody that's been coming out, they just want to showcase their talent and do what they do best. OVO Sound signee Roy Woods shared his latest project, Dem Times.Created in Los Angeles and Toronto, the six-track EP marks his first record since 2017’s Say … Good luck being able to think straight, walk straight, or act right on that shit. Dem Times Digital Download; Click for larger image. Alex is Complex Canada's video producer. Head everywhere. As much as “I Feel It” strives to be the beautiful exit on this album, it also falls flat. Music from Scarborough’s completely different as well. But Toronto has its own sound as well. The King of YouTube continues to dominate the charts with murderous raps and unfiltered streams of consciousness. So it's just been a whole bunch of mixed emotions. 9/9 With a sound so distinct and true to himself, the move sounds too out of the box for him. However, Roy’s latest project does not arrive with the goal of matching the excellence brought forth in the genre. Released May 15, 2020. Congratulations on your success Roy, and best of luck to you and Drake in your future endeavors. When it comes to the newer independent wave of Hip Hop, the answer to the album's rhetorical question is, in fact, Gunn himself. Roy Woods is not even 1/10th of Drake on his worst day. Genesis Does Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and boy does THIS GAME SUCK. Roy Woods’ debut was a calculated blend of gritty croons over drowning 808s and energetic rhymes led by uptempo production. ‘What We Did’ and many others sound like full fledged songs peppered with quarter-baked ideas. You … Album reviews Artist: Roy Woods Album: Dem Times Release year: 2020 Label: Warner Bros., OVO 22 May 2020 / by Demar Grant … Having that avenue for me in high school was amazing. The lyrics detail the situations with little to no filter, while the production brings listeners a feeling similar to what Roy experienced in his anecdotes. On being open about struggling with depression: I knew I was depressed when I was like 13. Here’s to hoping in the wake of this mediocre release the element of pure originality can be injected into the follow-up and not be a fresh batch of carbon clone drip from other current artists. Now, I have listened to Exis, and it’s actually pretty nice.


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