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I thought it would be more of a collaboration but I turned out to be more like a session musician again.

Written by Matt Tuesday, 26 November 2013 With the 2013 Roger Waters tour of The Wall now concluded, guitarist Dave Kilminster is not resting on his laurels. Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B. It is definitely the peak of my career, and it’s been seven years now that I’ve been playing with Roger.

We recorded that live album, but on the second or third gig of the tour John lost his voice completely, because he’d been up drinking the previous night. That was my first ever big tour, with John. – So it was him who recommended you to John? You have to be easygoing, it’s a very important thing. OK, what can I say?

Roger Waters 2010 Tour Dave Kilminster Guitar Pick.

No, no, not at all, no. What the title of your new album will be? I can’t get any higher, but I’m going to have to go on a detour to do my own music.

John was still the boss. Impressive stuff. – Recently, I saw HEEP rehearse vocal harmonies with John Jowitt, for the first time, just half an hour before the show, and he’d played with them for the first time only two days before – for quite a long set.

– You seem to have a special connection with Wetton. Lemmy playing with Motorhead in Helsinki, Finland in December 2015, Isle of Wight tanker: Police surround vessel amid concerns it has been  hijacked, The Secret Garden: real-life locations borrowed from the classic English novel, died two days after being diagnosed on Boxing Day with an aggressive form of cancer. (Laughs.). Lemmy - Enter Sandman 09. Dave Kilminster: dmme.net interview | Planet 6 String.

But I feel like I’m at the stage where I need to be recording my own music before it’s too late. Exactly. – Can you say that playing with Roger Waters is a pinnacle of your career? I don’t know. Dave will be joining Roger Waters on the new "Us + Them" tour, which begins in North America, opening in Kansas City on 26th May.

When we did “In The Dead Of Night” [by U.K.], I played the Allan Holdsworth solo pretty much note-for-note, because I felt like that was important for some of those tunes. I’d have my guitar in one hand and the record needle in the other hand, and I’d move it and find the bit that I wanted, and I played it again. – Well, THE NICE always sounded a bit rough, so that shouldn’t have been a problem. – At one point, you almost joined another great band, ASIA. After that, I went to play with John Wetton and Carl Palmer, and we did the QANGO thing, so I’m assuming that Geoff either didn’t want to do it or was committed to do something else. Look at me! – Having a guy in a skirt on stage is surely fun. (Laughs.). Which I guess I am. So I did the tour and the album as a favor to Martin. – The first album I heard you play on was Wetton’s "Nomansland". - of, Damage Case - The Anthology is a unique career overview from the one of the legends of rock - Grammy Award winner, one time Hendrix roadie, gravity defying rock icon and of. "He had learnt of the disease on December 26, and was at home, sitting in front of his favourite video game … with his family.”. But originally I met John because his bass tech Carla, was the daughter of someone I used to teach. – How different it was, playing with ICON as opposed to Wetton’s band. I’ve been very lucky, I’ve played with some amazing musicians. My albums are my children, and I want to have lots more…, […] Part 2 http://dmme.net/interview-with-guitarist-dave-kilminster-part-two.html […], Your email address will not be published. So she came up to me one day and said, “Oh, I don’t know if you heard of this guy, he’s looking for a guitarist. Proudly powered by WordPress. I’ve had to do a similar thing a couple of times. I’m not doing it”. No, I met Martin through John Wetton. Most of the writing for my new album has been done on an acoustic guitar. (Laughs.)


I would sit with my record player and just figure out what was going on.

As the solo drew to a close John Wetton returned, picking up his acoustic guitar for the next track, before saying, “Dave Kilminster! – Did you ever make it into the studio or it was only a live situation? [Beggs] wasn’t wearing a skirt last night, he was behaving himself. Motörhead - Whiplash 15. - Matchbox 10. That’s true, that’s true, yeah. So I just felt that we were very unrehearsed. Lemmy lived in west Hollywood and had expressed his desire never to live in Britain again.

His name is John Wetton”. John and Carl were very keen to do it at the time. I think that’s the best time to give someone a name; I know that people pick names before, but I would probably wait. That’s without mentioning your solo on The Wall…. And his manager has subsequently become my manager as well. Ken always seemed nice, but there wasn’t a lot of possibilities for creative input, other than just having the occasional solo. Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B. I’m not playing out of ego, I’m not saying, “Oh, look at me!

That would have been fun, I would have loved to have done that tour, but I couldn’t. And I said, “What, John Wetton from U.K. and ASIA and KING CRIMSON?” She said, “Yeah, that’s him”. This is an authentic Dave Kilminster Guitar Pick that was obtained during the Roger Waters 2010 concert tour. That’s how I got that gig. In the first part of our interview with guitarist extraordinaire, Dave Kilminster, we spoke of his solo album, "Scarlet", and some instrumental angles. For something like “Tarkus”, which is over half-an-hour-long, two days is just not enough. At one point he played for about 20 seconds with just the neck hand. You came and went and played with QANGO and came back for John and Geoff’s ICON. For me, the main thing is to respect the music, to respect the original recording, and to respect all the fans of that music, so I want to do something that fits that song. Our collectible guitar picks and backstage passes are official band merchandise made in very limited quantities and would make a great addition to any Roger Waters collection. I love doing projects, I love working with other people, and I did miss out a while ago. – But were you on equal footing as part of QANGO? Directed by Jason Woodford. (Long laughter.) I can’t imagine getting a bigger gig than this. It would have been amazing!

Yeah, John very kindly let me play that in the set, but I didn’t really want any of that stuff recorded, because we weren’t… John hates rehearsing. But I think that’s it’s a good thing, because your strong hand is on the guitar neck. She was at school, and I don’t know how she heard of me; perhaps, her father was saying nice things about me.

– How did you get into their orbit? Yes, and Martin Turner [WISHBONE ASH]. I can tap this and I can do that!”. No, it was very authentic, then. Back to top (Laughs.) And there was a couple of guitarists – Gary Moore and Mark Knopfler – who were both left-handed, and they both played right-handed. All are very even-tempered, no drinking problems, no drug problems, no depression or anything like that. Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B. - Learning The Game 12. So I got my old Martin [guitar] out and I actually found a new tuning as well, which I really like, so I’ve been experimenting with that and recording so many ideas since I’ve got back from tour. Unfortunately, I don’t think I even have a copy of the album , to be honest. Everyone on the tours with Roger – and I mean everyone: the band, the crew, the technicians – they’re all the nicest people you could ever wish to meet.

– Was there a directive from Roger or was it you who decided to do it like that? Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af5e4f6a778ffb7a2a9b30e04a60fd18" );document.getElementById("dab4e3304a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); DMME.net © 2000 - 2020 all rights reservedTheme "Grey Opaque (2.0.1)" by: H.-Peter Pfeufer. We did some shows that we shouldn’t have done, and I felt like we cheated the audience a little bit. Some of the ASIA tunes, I just… (Ponders a bit.) I think… (Long pause.) I know he was writing music for another album, and I wanted to help, but he just wanted to be the songwriter, he just wanted his name on the songs.

(Laughs.). It is not known if Lemmy left a will, which may have provided for some or all of his offspring. It’s huge. (Laughs.). I think it’s mostly patience, really, and I have a lot of patience. So it’s generally acoustic – or even piano: a couple of the tunes on “Scarlet” I wrote on piano. So I’m still playing for the songs, the song is the most important thing. – And you played live with ICON as well. I met John Wetton in ’97, I think, and I met his manager, too. His son Paul Inder, 48, is a successful music producer in Los Angeles. But that’s just because I never plug in my electric guitar at home, and when it’s unplugged it doesn’t sound very inspiring. And obviously, in other situations, sometimes you can improvise, and some nights it’s really good, and some nights it would be terrible. This part, in its turn, sees us talk Dave’s famous taskmasters and more. Dave Kilminster began playing piano in childhood, and ... Lemmy Ian Fraser Kilmister (24 December 1945 – 28 December 2015), better known as Lemmy, was an English singer, songwriter, and musician.He is best remembered as the founder, lead singer, bassist, and … I think it’s a good thing for a musician, because if you’re playing what they call right-handed, being left-handed, you’re doing all the work with your left, strongest hand – all of the fancy work is done with a left hand when you play right-handed – so to me the names don’t actually make sense. Oh, but I didn’t realize he was actually left-handed!


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