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But don’t be fooled: It’s also packed with super-emotional moments too. | For the hopeless romantics, classics like P.S. 103 min | Brittany Murphy, More about us. Ryan Gosling, Votes: This popular John Wayne film is often considered one of the most beloved Westerns of all time. Stars: Director: Stars: From 5 to 7 p.m. Sami Gayle (who portrays Nicky Reagan-Boyle on Blue Bloods!) | No joke. Ryan Gosling, If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. 89 min The point is, any time you need a pick-me-up when the dating world’s got you down, these romance flicks will be here for you. The movie adaptations of EL James’s wildly successful BDSM-lite romance novels are not high art by any means, but they are an absolute romp. Director: Garrett Hedlund, | You'll need the tissues for this one. 511,795 I Love You and About Time will never let you down. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! By Jennifer Aldrich. Laugh, cry, sigh, scream, shout or whatever you feel like with these comedies, dramas, romances, thrillers and so much more, all hailing from Asia. These Sunday dinner ideas are crowd-pleasers and make for hearty leftovers, Whether fried, pickled, or grilled, no other vegetable tastes quite like okra. Director: Lisa Azuelos | | | 53,436 Director: Set in the small and fictional town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, this series follows the lives of a close-knit group of friends who help each other through the difficulties of growing up. Glenn Ficarra, Stacey Dash, Gena Rowlands, So to all the broken-hearted, happily single, newly coupled, and forever together movie-goers out there: You have officially found your perfect match. John Corbett, Not only is ‘Clueless’ a sharp, whip-smart coming-of-age comedy that pokes fun at the teen romcom and the ridiculous lives of super-rich young people, but it’s also a surprisingly good romance, too. Set in Georgia, this series is packed with excitement, pressure, and surprises. This series centers on family, faith, and football in the small town of Dillon, Texas. Grab the popcorn, put on your pajamas, and get ready to watch the best Southern movies and TV shows on Netflix! PG-13 At its heart is a love story – deftly played out by Keira Knightley (in that green dress!) Make the most of quarantine with our red-hot list of the sexiest movies streaming on Netflix. The Best Romantic Movies on Netflix That Will Make You Feel Like Love Isn't Dead. Gio Perez, Other films, like O Brother, Where Art Thou? The massive country music and high school football fan overlap should already know all about this television series and the book that started it all. ZZ Top always honored Texas' country singer-songwriter and blues picker legacies on the trail to rock 'n' roll stardom. Comedy, Family, Romance. Whether you’re after tearjerkers like ‘The Notebook’ or kinky romps like ‘50 Shades of Grey’, here are our pick of the best romantic movies on Netflix UK streaming right now. 25 Best Christmas Movies for Kids on Netflix, Stream These Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix, 45 Best Valentine's Day Movies You Can Stream Now, 42 Christmas Movies on Netflix to Stream Right Now, 40 Best Kids' Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now. One woman is not amused when her daughter brings home a much older boyfriend. Sparkly-skinned vampires and unbridled teenage passion might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this fantasy franchise has one hell of a fanbase. Sissy Spacek's standard-setting role in the Loretta Lynn biopic Coal Miner's Daughter, Reese Witherspoon's Oscar-winning portrayal of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, George Strait and Willie Nelson's turns in the Pure Country series, polarizing John Travolta film Urban Cowboy and Americana and bluegrass' best friends, the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? $54.76M, PG-13 Caitlyn Rund, This time, Gerard Butler is chasing down the bail-jumper, who just happens to be his ex-wife played by Jennifer Aniston. Tom Hardy, 10 Best Southern Movies & TV Shows on Netflix. Menu. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Harper Lee, the film follows the happenings of one family living in small town Alabama. 123 min These movies range from erotic and adult to steamy and sexy. The first time I watched this movie, I tuned in with my parents, and I would, ahem, not recommend doing that. Stars: | Gross: 103 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. | Gross: Allen Coulter Nick Cassavetes 97 min 118 min Stars: 120,037 Country music got a huge mainstream boost when this John Travolta film featured music by the Charlie Daniels Band, Mickey Gilley, Johnny Lee and Kenny Rogers. Country is one of the most popular genres of music in the United States. So, what are the best country movies of all time? Hopeless romantics will enjoy the warm-and-fuzzy films like P.S. It was the must-read memoir of 2007. Family, Music, Musical. Kate Winslet, Scout Taylor-Compton, Before a best actress Oscar nomination for ‘The Theory of Everything’ and before landing the plum role as a rebel leader in the ‘Star Wars’ spin-off  ‘Rogue One’ there was Brit comedy ‘Chalet Girl’. | Feb 12, 2020 IMDB. Try another? With so many to choose from, you could be on the couch every weekend for the rest of the year—maybe with some heart-shaped desserts to boot. (Yes, an evil stepmother makes an appearance!). Til Schweiger, Votes: $67.06M, PG-13 This is a film where everything works: Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan’s just-this-side-of-smug central couple, the gorgeous photography of New York through the changing seasons, even Harry Connick Jr’s jazz-lite soundtrack. This beloved series offers a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes lives of Nashville stars and Music Row songwriters. James Cameron Rebecca De Mornay, Matthew McConaughey, 109 min 137,061 Filmed in the gorgeous New Zealand countryside, Falling Inn Love follows one woman who risks it all to find her true happiness. He’s a common country boy, she’s a beautiful heiress, and you can guess the rest. But now that he’s found his soul mate, how can he break the curse? | Gross: | There’s always that one person who makes you wonder, “What if?” This comedy starring Ali Wong explores exactly that with hilarious results. | $56.63M, PG-13 C.I.A. | | 30 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix to Stream During Date Night. Stars: | Comedy, Romance. John Requa Demi Moore, Votes: The expert gets taught some tough lessons when he finally falls for someone himself. Based on the book titled Life at These Speeds, this flick tells the story of a teenager who finds a passion for running while grieving his friends who died in a car accident. | Gross: Of course, this movie adaptation of the popular jukebox musical isn’t for everyone, especially if the idea of Pierce Brosnan singing makes you feel a little nauseous (understandably). This list is filled with the best movies focusing on the country lifestyle, artists, and genre. This Coen brothers project blends two of our favorite things: light-hearted looks at the Wild West and the work of talented singer-songwriters, including Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. operatives wage an epic battle on each other when they discover they are dating the same woman.


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