all the good times review
What was it? Michael (“This Is Us’s” Asante Blackk) and Thelma (Corinne Foxx) side with their mother. All in Good Time was first staged with Bernard Miles as Ezra Fitton, an overbearing working-class paterfamilias said to have been inspired by Miles's own domineering personality. Good Times was just that: It was a show that was very depicted in the everyday situations of the African American family growing up in the dangerous streets of Chicago. Not only did it show that just because you come from a poor background, that you CAN make it, it showed that the importance of family sticking together through thick and thin, but Esther Rolle & John Amos portrayed the parental roles of James & Florida Evans as respectable, strong & bold disciplinarians. A third is that Naughton's play depends upon the need for a special relationship (respectful going-on fearful) existing between father and son, and behind this a dedication to the continuation of the family. But despite all the fights behind the scenes, Good Times was a show about a family. The only show that's ever been set in a housing project and only one of two that has focused on the African-American poor and working poor ("South Central" was the other one). Rafta, Rafta was received with considerable acclaim at the National Theatre in 2007, its title deriving from a celebratory Hindi song that apparently translates as "All in Good Time". Most importantly it had a black family that stuck together through thick and thin. What I’m saying is: No “Maude,” no peace. Drinking KOOL AID was like his favorite thing on the show. Despite the fact that I've never seen every episode, I still enjoy it. The chorus of three middle-aged gossips from the Ena Sharples corner of The Rovers Return may be sharp-tongued and censorious but they're kindly. This is one of my all time favorite shows. ),Bernadette Stanis(the teenage daughter Thelma),and Janet Jackson(who made her TV debut as Penny and also as Willona's daughter after she adopted her from a abusive stepmom...very touching episode),and Janet Dubois. It also dated politics, recession, wages, history. The way he was written out of the show was very abrupt. It then takes us into quite different territory when it tackles big themes like the failure to consummate marriage, and introduces a major subtext. As great as it was to see the 79-year-old actor, the live repartee nearly got the better of him a time or two as he reached for his lines, aided by some ad-libbing from his appreciative co-stars. This show was groundbreaking to show despair in drugs, gangs, and alcoholism. All guests were black people. We watched Janet Jackson's Penny grow up a little. Very cool. Seems to me nowadays, the projects or ghetto life is romanticized (see BET videos or MTV videos), whereas the Evans family in "Good Times" was trying to get out and onto something better. He left out all the good times Cain and Abel had when they were growing up. If you ask me, even though I like everyone, it would have been nice if everyone had stayed on the show throughout its entire run. During the daytime so people can actually stay up to watch. "Movin' On Up" for The Jeffersons, of course. I don't know. For instance: Every book report had to be about black history, every movie had to involve black people, every politition had to be black, the list went on and on. "GOOD TIMES," in my opinion, is a must-see CBS hit! “I’m bringing the country together in otherwise trying times,” Short answered.). Awards While it’s a fun and experimental idea to restage these fine works of television, I don’t get the idea of bringing back the same cast to do it again. From a distance of 40-plus years, it only looks easy. The writers on THIS show were fantastic and the Actors were beyond TALENTED. Here we realise that we've entered, if only briefly, the world of Tennessee Williams. The reworking involves few radical changes in Naughton's plot (the Dutts' son Atul, for instance, still works as a projectionist, though in an independently owned cinema showing Bollywood movies). A classic 1960s working-class drama translates beautifully into a comedy of contemporary British Asian family life. They had three kids: J.J., Thelma, and Michael. That's when I got hooked!!! Something’s still amiss; when it comes to nostalgia, something always is. We got to see them experience a few good times. JJ of course did not want to so they barged in to the Evans's home and took him out. But having been born in 1910 and worked for years as a coal-bagger, cotton-loom operator and lorry driver, Naughton belonged to an earlier generation and was altogether less chippy, aggressive, and self-consciously political about his background. Decent, hardworking families that struggled to get by and all the traumas and tribulations they faced. Thelma, a dancer. Pinky lost his son in the Vietnam War. Though dismissed as some as showing African-Americans in a negative light (i.e., perpetuating the poor, struggling black family in the projects image), I would have to disagree. something they didn't have very often. What better representation of a family values can you ask for? Although the Evans family was poor and lived in the projects, they had each other. All the Good Times (1972) Will the Circle be Unbroken (1972) Professional ratings; Review scores; Source Rating; Allmusic: All the Good Times is the sixth album from The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, released in January 1972. I would like to know why John Amos left the show, and how did he die off the show again? A great show! Siding with James is the boisterous older sibling, J.J., played by former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Jay Pharoah, who very nearly landed his impression of Jimmie Walker’s original (and at the time sensational) breakout role. Fitton's son has problems consummating his marriage while still living in the family's terrace house in Bolton, and his relationship to his wife is nearly ruined, largely due to his father's coarse and competitive behaviour and to the cramped domestic conditions. People criticized the character of JJ (played by comic Jimmie Walker) as a shifty-eyed buffoon, but it's no worse than some of the characters on today's TV. It’s a touching moment, yet it’s still difficult to reconcile the effort that goes into the reach-backs with the intent. | It’s perhaps more important to note the history here rather than the performance. Michael, involved in legal/justice. His wife (Viola Davis, delivering the special’s most inspired performance with her take on the late Esther Rolle’s memorable roleFlorida) supports a younger candidate named Jimmy Pearson (played by recent Emmy winner Jharrel Jerome). "Good Times" was one of the first African American family sitcoms to air. Aids wiped him out not long ago. J.J. was the skirt-chasing but well-meaning teenage son who made up for his lack of subtlety with artistic talent. Without being to preachy, The Evans always tried to do the right thing rather than do something wrong to get out of the ghetto. I think JJ was a precursor to characters such as Horshack, Screech, Urkel, Rerun, etc. Amos left “Good Times” after the third season; he was reportedly fired after he raised concerns that the show, which increasingly focused on J.J.’s popular antics (“Dyn-o-mite!” etc. I first saw the reruns once our local WB affiliate took off the weekday morning reruns of Happy Days and began airing this instead. “Good Times” went first, with a rousing rendition of the theme song performed by “Black-ish’s” Anthony Anderson and R&B legend Patti LaBelle, backed by a gold-robed gospel choir. Failed marriages and the inability to consummate are major elements (as both plot devices and symbolic themes) of Period of Adjustment, A Streetcar Named Desire and especially Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which has a striking resemblance to All in Good Time. Being poor is bad enough but living in the ghetto is worse.


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