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View Details. I will start with that! I was shocked to hear the bass line. 2XLP Vinyl Picture Disc. So were the new! Alice in Chains is an alternative band formed in 1987 in Seattle, Washington.

All the upcoming Alice in Chains tour dates will be displayed at the top of this page. In 2013 Alice in Chains release their fifth studio album “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Her”, led by the singles “Hollow”, “Stone”, and “Voices”. So badly, that we often lost track of where the lyrics were.

Overall, it was a fantastic night and the atmosphere could not have been better. Everything you could ever want out of an Alice In Chains show with the exception of Layne Staley not being there.. Duval really put it out there and stepped up in a big way.. Will definitely be seeing them again!

Watch the clip below, and the full documentary from which it came here. Not sure who ok'd final sound check, but they must have had ear plugs in during operation. Um eine Bestellung durchführen zu können, ändern Sie bitte die Cookie-Einstellungen Ihres Browsers und laden Sie diese Seite neu. I went to the concert for my husband who is a big fan (I expected to pray for a quick death)! Man AWESOME SHOW!!!!! Die Gruppe zählt neben Nirvana, Soundgarden und Pearl Jam zu den bekanntesten und erfolgreichsten Vertretern des Grunge und feierten ihre größten Erfolge in der ersten Hälfte der 1990er Jahre. Alice In Chains Facelift T-Shirt . MwSt aus den Mobilfunknetzen) - Mo.-Fr. I left the venue feeling like I got robbed, and didn't get to hear some key songs! DuVall was terrific. ', I saw these guys on the 19th of July this year, in Warren, I was expecting an awesome show from my favorite band, but I got 10x what I expected, they played for an hour and a half straight, new stuff and old and they rocked it, and it's sad to see a band that can still play as well as these guys to in their age not headlining festivals, my favorite was by far It Ain't Like That which DuVall and Cantrell kiled on vocals, overall a 10/10 show from my favorite band. Check out Cantrell's full GibsonTV Icons episode in the player above. Cantrell opened up near the end with riffs and decent banter. Bass overpowered rest of band. Though one went missing around 2000, it was recently returned. April 25 - Rama, ON - Rama Casino Band could have been making up lyrics and we wouldn't have known due to the overwhelming bass and horrid acoustic set up.

I saw the last 4 songs by Underoath. Everyone watch out " Alice is alive and screaming for you to listen !!! I would recommend seeing them live. All in all, they sounded INCREDIBLE, but really left you hanging the end, feeling like you didn't get what you paid for.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Alice In Chains debut studio album is a custom deluxe box set with remastered audio. The professionalism of a band that has seen and done it all.. THEY WERE TRULY AWESOME!! Alice In Chains Bleed The Freak T-Shirt - PRE-ORDER . MwSt aus den Mobilfunknetzen).

Cantrell’s tribute to Eddie is just one of many that have surfaced from around the metal and rock community since the iconic guitar player died yesterday. "He was like, 'F--k that, dude. April 10 - Vancouver, BC - Queen Elizabeth Theatre This is my second time I've seen them live but my third time I've seen Jerry Cantrel live couse of one time when he went solo back in 1997 i saw him live in WPB Florida. View Details. 1 on the iTunes Rock Album chart. Before the formation of Alice in Chains, then-drummer Layne Staley landed his first gig as a vocalist when he auditioned to sing for a local glam metal band known as Sleze after receiving some encouragement from his stepbrother Ken Elmer. I was impressed with the concert venue and purchased tickets for the following weekend! GREAT SHOW!

They're awesome and by the way, the openning band were awesome too, The Pink Slips they rock big time their female vocalist was a hottie. I had never listened to this style of music however, haven't stopped talking about it.

I saw AIC live at Massey Hall on May 1st in Toronto.

Alice In Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell never expected to be a rockstar, but perhaps more so he never expected to become friends with Eddie Van Halen.. Cantrell met Eddie for the first time moments before AIC's first show in support of Van Halen in the summer of 1991. Poorly promoted.

The group released the lead single We Die Young which is part of their Facelift Our #Facelift 30th anniversary v, Tune in to @JerryCantrell's Guest DJ Takeover on t, @jerrycantrell and @officialduffmckagan wished for, Thank you, Eddie, for all you did for us. Find information on all of Alice In Chains’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2020-2021. Because of how powerful their rendition was, I had 'Your Decision' stuck in my head on nonstop loop for months afterwards. Also, they just left the stage, NO ENCORE!

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Alice In Chains scheduled in 2020.

Staley subsequently met guitarist Jerry Cantrell at Music Bank rehearsal studios, while working with Alice N’ Chains, and the two began living together. Um den vollen Funktionsumfang dieser Webseite nutzen zu können, benötigen Sie JavaScript. Site by RECCENTER, Next up in our AIC Fantasy Football League Charity, Original photo by @rockyschenckofficial – on the, This design was featured on one of our shirts du, The wait is over. u saw them 2 years ago and point fest and walked out I was so cold and burned out and the singer seemed to put his own jimi hendrix style to the songs and it sucked but this time if you closed your eyes you could imagine lane up there belting out these songs nothing short of AMAZING!!! Alice in Chains (formed in 1987) is an American alternative metal and grunge-influenced rock band who made their breakthrough in 1992 album with the full-length “Dirt”, hailing from Seattle, Washington, U.S.

The band rocked the place with their sludgy, doom metal, minor chord, disharmonies to the delight of their fans. Ihr Browser verhindert die Speicherung von Cookies. Sound generally distorted. The group’s debut studio album “Facelift” was issued by Columbia in August 1990, peaking at No. When Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell returned home from months on the road — he was living in the basement of his manager Kelly Curtis’s house at the time — he was surprised and elated to find a special gift from EVH.

April 15 - Saskatoon, SK - TCU Place A win win! By the way, do you think you can clear your s--t out of my garage? Fans, such as ourselves, were horribly disappointed. Did you have a good tour? © 2020 All Rights Reserved.

April 13 - Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Expo Centre Für den Ticketkauf ist die Speicherung von Cookies der CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA, dem Betreiber des Ticketshops jedoch notwendig.

$29.00. OK, guys don't if you will post this or not but the truth is. Generally awful.

Jerry seemed very happy with the crowd. A very memorable night! EVENTIM legt großen Wert auf Datenschutz. You know damn well we have been jamming to some songs since the 90s...PLAY THOSE! If you are worried these guys might be too long in the tooth to really bring it don't be.

A second acoustic EP followed in 1994 entitled “Jar of Flies”, which subsequently became the first-ever EP to top the Billboard 200. Alice In Chains's Concert History. The full-length “Black Gives Way to Blue” followed in September, featuring Elton John on the title track. My 12 year old son and I were very happy to have been part of this kick-ass show. Alice in Chains opened for Van Halen on the For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge tour in 1991 and 1992 after Sammy Hagar saw the video for “Man in the Box” on TV and personally requested the band. One day, Cantrell mentioned that he'd love to have one of Eddie's signature MusicMan guitars. Ears were still numb. Alice in Chains recently dropped the news that Rainier Fog is getting a cinematic adaptation. I need to put my car in there.'".

Alice in Chains was next. For a band of such iconic status, many people do not realise that Alice In Chains have only released five studio albums in their vast career that spans back to the late 80's. Geben Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse ein.

They did not disappoint, I could have listened to them for several more hours if they would have played. I Saw Alice in chains at the beginning of this year and was blown away this time they seem to be a little tired and overheated cuz it was Phoenix in about a hundred and five degrees.also at both shows they did not play the song Rainier fog the title track from their new album it's just driven me crazy. Last of my Kind and The One you Know were the only recent tracks that I recall hearing. I had never seen them perform until 8/13/19, unfortunately missing a couple of opportunities in the past. But Eddie didn't just make good on his promise to send the young Cantrell a guitar; he sent him enough gear to build two separate rigs. Badly presented. The show was well worth it in any case but overall I thought Alice's set was too soft for me. Cantrell didn’t recall storing anything in Curtis’s garage, so the manager went on: “‘Eddie Van Halen filled the garage with gear for you. He's like, 'Hey, man, welcome home. ALICE IN CHAINS' tour will see the ironic band playing a mix of Spring tracks and new songs from "Best Rock Album" nominee "Rainier Fog", which hit No. A great time! Ihre anschließende Tour wurde ein großer weltweiter Erfolg. This was an AWESOME concert i try to never mis any of their shows when they're around here in birmingham Alabama. Leaving early allowed us the plus of avoiding traffic. After the Van Halen tour ended, Cantrell remembers Curtis came out of the house to welcome him back. I thought they had one good song. Alice in Chains recently dropped the news that Rainier Fog is getting a cinematic adaptation. The Van Halen camp treated Alice in Chains well and, by all accounts, were stand-up gentlemen. Aktuell scheinen keine Termine im Vorverkauf zu sein. Join Songkick Maybe if it had been a 3 band bill instead of 4 bands, Alice would have had more playing time. I was also EXTREMELY" disappointed that they ended the show with 2 songs that weren't highlight songs to end with.

Find Alice in Chains' upcoming U.S. and international concerts, tickets, demands and tour dates for 2020 on Concertful.

Scroll through until you see a concert scheduled in your city, and then click the corresponding red “Tickets” button to proceed to the next step. The guys were captivating from the second they walked on stage to the end where they threw a box full of guitar picks into the crowd. Layne brought in the name, but Jerry was the one that wrote and produced the music, and gave Alice In Chains the style they are known for.


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